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Patriot's Park

Photo taken by: John Casey

Photo taken by: Anita Pfefferkorn

Indian Rock RV Park

Photo taken by: Warren Lo Cascio

Photo taken by: Warren Lo Cascio

Photo taken by: Mary Jane Nagy

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Proposed Zoning Map (JB MDL RGC-3)


JCP&L Aerial Inspections

JCP&L to conduct Aerial Inspections of Transmission Lines. These inspections are scheduled to begin May 4th and typically require approximately 2 weeks to complete depending on weather conditions. Residents may see a small helicopter flying slowly (20-30 mph) at low altitude and may hover at any time for a closer inspection.

Calendar of Events

Mon May 25 @12:00AM
Memorial Day - Township Offices Closed
Tue May 26 @ 6:30PM - 07:30PM
Township Council Executive Session
Tue May 26 @ 7:30PM -
Township Council Meeting
Wed May 27 @ 7:00PM -
Thu May 28 @ 7:30PM -
Rent Control




tick1 Range and habitat 

Tick species are widely distributed around the world...read more


mosquito1There are over 2500 different species of mosquitoes throughout the world...read more

Park&Ride - Welcome Home Soldier - JTV

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JTV1 Watch Jackson Television on Cable Channel 77 or online at www.jacksontelevision.com

Welcome to the Township of Jackson

  •   As Mayor of the third largest municipality in New Jersey, I welcome you to Jackson Township's Official Website. I hope that this site will provide you  valuable information and help you learn  more about current events and community programs.

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56th Annual Memorial Day Parade


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About Jackson Township

During 1994, we celebrated the 150th year of Jackson's existence as an incorporated municipality in the State of New Jersey. As the handwritten Legislative Act reads, "Having been three times read in the Council (the State Senate) on February 29, 1844,"