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Sunday 31 May 2020, 10:00am - 06:00pm
1. Spray Parks are intended for children 12 years of age and under. Children must have adult supervision at all times.
2. Bathing suits must be worn when in the spray park area.
3. Footwear (water shoes, not flip flops highly recommended) is recommended at all times for your safety and enjoyment.
4. Surfaces may be hot –please inspect the play area before starting play.
5. Avoid drinking the water.
6. Do not climb or hang on fixtures.
7. Do not place face, hands or objects near or on the spray feature openings.
8. Glass containers are strictly prohibited.
9. No running or rough play is permitted.
10. No spitting or nose blowing allowed on the spray pad.
11. Persons with skin, eye, ear, or respiratory infections are not allowed on the spray pad.
12. Persons with open lesions or wounds are not allowed on the spray pad.
13. Persons wearing diapers must wear a swim diaper. Regular disposable or cloth diapers are not allowed.
14. No water balloons, water guns, food, drinks, beach balls, pool noodles, etc. are allowed on the pad.
15. No skateboards, bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, or strollers are allowed.
16. No animals, except for service animals, or pets are allowed.
17. Please exit the Spray Park area when thunder and/or lightning are audible or visible.
18. Use the Spray Park at your own risk.
19. The Township of Jackson reserves theright to close the Spray Park and immediate area due to maintenance requirements, health and safety reasons, and inclement weather.
20. Do not enter or remain in the Spray Park area when the park is closed to the public.
21. Individuals and families welcome. No organized groups allowed.
22. Having fun is permissible and highly encouraged.
23. For emergencies call 911.
24. For other inquiries and to report violations, please call the Department of Recreation at 732 -928-1260

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During 1994, we celebrated the 150th year of Jackson's existence as an incorporated municipality in the State of New Jersey. As the handwritten Legislative Act reads, "Having been three times read in the Council (the State Senate) on February 29, 1844,"