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Jackson Township, NJ

Get Your License!

Get a License & Wear Your Tag! It Will Aid Animal Control and The Police Dept. in Getting you home safely.

All Dog Licenses Are Renewable In January. click here for the application form.

  Animal Abuse

 Should You Ever Find An Animal Being Abused Or In Distress, Remember The Following:

 Always remain calm.

  • Avoid putting yourself or the animal in danger.
  • Contact your local Animal Control Agency, or Police Department.
  • In case of abuse, document everything you witness.  

Animal Shelter

Your local shelter is always in need of donations . The following is a wish list, you can drop off all donations at Code Enforcement's Office (trailer behind the old Library) or at the shelter itself, located at 615 Freemont Ave. in Jackson, just off of  South Hope Chapel Road. Cat and Dog food both Wet and Dry, Kitten & Puppy milk Replacer, Blankets & Towels, Bleach, Kitty Litter, Heating pads, Dog Crates & Cat Carriers & Toys. And most of all some caring homes to adopt these Wonderful bundles of unconditional love.

We would like to remind everyone that the Ocean County Animal Facility is located right here in Jackson. If you are missing a pet and you cannot reach the Animal Control Office, you can call the facility between the hours of 1:00pm to 4:oopm.

If you really want to feel good… go to the shelter any day between 1:00pm and 4:00pm and adopt one of the many dogs and cats needing a good home. Most of these animals have been abandoned by their owners and would appreciate the new home and love you could offer them.
Ocean County Animal Facility is located at:
Freemont Ave. off South Hope Chapel Road in Jackson
Tel. Phone # 732-657-8086 


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About Jackson Township

During 1994, we celebrated the 150th year of Jackson's existence as an incorporated municipality in the State of New Jersey. As the handwritten Legislative Act reads, "Having been three times read in the Council (the State Senate) on February 29, 1844,"