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Jackson Township Housing Rehabilitation Program

Jackson Township Housing Rehabilitation Program


All low and moderate income residents of the Township are eligible for up to $25,000 in grant funding for rehabilitation of their residences. Due to mandatory New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Housing requirements, the Township has established a housing rehabilitation program. Rehabco Inc. are the administrators of the housing program for the Township.

Once eligibility has been determined, construction and electrical work write-ups are scheduled and conducted at the home. Rehabco staff inspectors will conduct an inspection at the home and determine what systems require upgrade. Systems reviewed include: electrical, heat, plumbing, roofing and weatherization items such as windows and insulation. Any emergency repairs will be confirmed by a municipal inspector after eligibility to the program has been determined.

Rehabco and the Township will solicit bids from contractors and select the lowest responsible bidder and schedule a contract signing session. All documentation will be reviewed during the session inclusive of the mortgage lien document which will place a lien on the property for a period of ten (10) years. Where if the home is sold within the lien period, the funding will be recaptured by the program. After the ten (10) year lien period is over, the lien will be reclassified as a grant and no monies will have to be repaid to the program.

As construction progresses Rehabco will monitor all construction and ensure that all applicable permits will be on file at the Township Building Inspectors office. Rehabco will also schedule and approve all payments to the contractor with the Township. To ensure optimal satisfaction of the homeowner all payments will not be forwarded without prior notice of the homeowner/applicant.

Once the project is completed, a "Final Inspection" session is scheduled at the residence and a final check will commence of items under contract. If the work performed is satisfactory, and the Township has approved all permits, the Rehabco Inspector and homeowner will sign the "Final Inspection" and payment will be rendered to the contractor.

If your combined family income falls on or below the following sliding income chart, please contact Rehabco at (732) 477-7750 at 470 Mantoloking Road, Brick NJ and an application will be forwarded to you immediately.

Family of One    $51,864                      Family of Five     $80,019
Family of Two    $59,273   Family of Six       $85,946
Family of Three  $66,682   Family of Seven  $91,873
Family of Four    $74,091   Family of Eight     $97,901

Rehabco, Inc.
470 Mantoloking Road
Brick, NJ 08723
ph. (732) 477-7750
fax. (732) 920-9649

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