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Open Public Records Act

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What is the Open Public Records Act (OPRA)?

OPRA is a state law enacted to give the public greater access to government records maintained by public agencies in New Jersey.

Who can obtain government records under the Open Public Records Act?


Any citizen of New Jersey has the right under OPRA to examine or obtain copies of those government records that are not subject to exceptions from disclosure.

Does the Open Public Records Act apply to State as well as local government agencies ?


How does the Open Public Records Act, (PL 2001, c.404) differ from its predecessor the "Right To Know Law?"

OPRA expands the intent of the Right To Know Law by re-defining what records are available to the public, by setting standards for accessing those records, and penalties for failing to disclose them.


Exceptions to Disclosure

Are there any exceptions under the Open Public Records Act?

There are a number of exceptions to OPRA, including but not limited to information that if disclosed might violate a citizen's reasonable expectation of privacy.

Are government records protected from disclosure by statute, resolution, Executive order of the Governor, court ruling or Federal law?

Certain government records are protected by all of the above means.

Are state and local government agencies exempt under OPRA from disclosing procurement records concerning computer and building security measures?

OPRA exempts from disclosure administrative or technical information regarding computer and building security measures that, if disclosed, would create security problems.

Is information concerning surveillance equipment and investigatory services available to the public?

Both state and local government agencies are exempt from disclosing security measures and surveillance techniques, if disclosure creates a risk to the safety of people or property.

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