For Missed Recycling Pick-Up Please Call Solterra Recycling Solutions at (609) 771-8005 

NO Plastic Bags Ever!
Please Note: We do not Provide Recycling Bins! We have Stickers that you can obtain from the following offices; DPW, Tax Collector, Municipal Clerk, Zoning and Construction.
For the safety of our pickup crew please use recycling bins that are 45 gallon or less. 

Recyclables are collected every other week by Solterra Recycling Solutions and shall be placed at the curb the NIGHT BEFORE the day of your scheduled pickup.
Recyclable Items Must Be:
  • Empty
  • Clean
  • Dry
Recycling (2)

Support Information:
Recycling Coordinator, Irina Darrar
Available 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday
Tel # : (732) 928-1200 ext 1269