Firearms Application & Registration

New Jersey State PoliceTo apply for Firearms ID cards, change of address and/or permits to purchase a handgun:

  • Applications are taken online through the NJSP FARS (Firearms Application and Registration System) application portal.  Please go to the NJSP website to apply for initial Firearms Identification Cards (FID), change of address and/or permits to purchase a handgun.  The online application can be found at this link:
  • You will need the Jackson Township Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) number.  That number is NJ0151100.  Follow the directions for the FARS application. 
  • Email addresses for two (2) reputable references will be required.  Please make certain the information is correct and the references are aware of the application so it does not delay the process. 
  • Applicants must enter their official, legal name and personal information on the application.  This information cannot be updated and if entered incorrectly, may result in the application having to be withdrawn and the process started over. 
  • The online application is applicant driven.  If the applicant makes a mistake during the process, they can re-apply.  The applicant should understand that the application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to get fingerprinted if needed and provide the correct information so the fingerprint results can be linked to the proper application. 
  • If the applicant has already been fingerprinted and had applications approved previously, please follow the directions to enter the requested information so the criminal name check can be completed instead.  Only initial applicants need to be fingerprinted. 
  • Applicants must answer the background information questions correctly and truthfully.  This information cannot be updated and if answered incorrectly, may result in the application having to be withdrawn or denied. 
  • After the FARS application is submitted, please make payment to the department for the type and number of permits you are applying for. Payment is $50.00 for a Firearms Identification Card and $25.00 for each Permit to Purchase a Handgun.  Payment for the permit must be made prior to the application being approved. This fee is non-refundable, the process will commence once payment is confirmed.  Payment can be made in cash (exact change) or money order.  The Records Department is open Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm for payments. 
  • Another option for payment can be done online by following this link  There is a processing fee applied to this option. 
  • Please provide your full legal name as it appears on your driver’s license and application, along with the application confirmation number when making payment. 
  • All permits are now E-permits and are issued in the FARS system once the application is approved.  You will be notified by email once this process is completed.