Body Worn Camera Use

The Jackson Police Department is happy to announce that we have instituted a new body worn camera program to be used by our officers.  Every uniformed officer has been issued a body worn camera after receiving training and will be utilizing them while on patrol. bodycam3


The National Institute of Justice has identified several benefits of the cameras which include; better transparency, increased civility, quicker resolution, corroborating evidence and training opportunities.  The agency, which has recently achieved accreditation through the New Jersey State Associationbodycam of Chiefs of Police, prides ourselves on service with honor, integrity and perseverance and is proud to utilize this technology to serve the community.  We would like to thank the Township Administration for their support of this program and of the agency. 


The inclubodycam2ded photographs are examples to show how the camera will be worn by uniformed officers.

Captain Steve Laskiewicz #211 

Investigative Services Division Commander 

Public Information Officer 

Jackson Police Department 

December 14, 2021